Home-based Dog Daycare

Dog daycare can be a great solution if your dog is bored, lonely or unhappy being left alone all day. But what if she isn’t suited for large group play or you don’t have time to drive her to and from daycare several times a week? Our exclusive, home-based daycare can save you time and frustration, while giving your dog the physical and mental exercise she needs!

With Nu Paws Academy home-based daycare, your dog will:

  • Be picked up and dropped off at your home.
  • Spend 4-5 hours in the care of a compassionate, experienced and fully trained pet professional
  • Receive lots of one-on-one attention, socialization, training, outdoor fun and indoor playtime.
  • Work on good manners and perfect new skills with Susan, using only positive, science-based training methods.
  • Enjoy the company of a small group of other dogs of similar temperament.
  • Eliminate in a yard, not inside a building, unlike many large daycare facilities. So no worries about house training confusion.
  • Have time to rest and relax between play sessions. (Tired is good. Total exhaustion is not!)

At the end of the day, your dog will be returned to your home happier, calmer and better behaved.

Puppy Train & Play

Why should grown-ups have all the fun? Our home-based daycare is also perfect for puppies as young as 8 weeks old. While you’re at work, school or tending to other commitments, we’ll make sure your puppy gets started on the right paw!

Our Puppy Train & Play program:

  • Provides a healthy, safe environment for your puppy to learn and grow.
  • Gives your puppy the chance to socialize and play with other healthy, fully-vaccinated dogs.
  • Perfects your puppy’s house training skills.
  • Offers puppy-specific care, attention and skills training.
  • Provides puppies with their own quiet place for downtime.



Initial Consultation

Daycare groups are kept small – a maximum of 15 dogs per day – so that each dog can get the personalized attention, training and care they deserve. Since safety is always our top priority, we work hard to make sure all dogs get along well. Each dog is carefully screened and accepted into daycare based on their personality and temperament.

To get started, Susan will come to your home for an initial consultation and assessment to determine if home daycare is a good fit for your dog. Once enrolled, you’ll be kept up to date on how your dog is settling into the group.

Daycare Fees

Your dog is welcome in Susan’s home any day, Monday – Friday, with a minimum of three visits per week.

Initial consultation: $250 (approximately 2 hours). Includes helpful resources and some fun gifts!

Daycare visits: $75 per day