Puppy Board & Train

The first step to a lifetime of love

Have a new puppy? Congrats! Raising a puppy is one of the most fun, rewarding things you’ll ever do. And one of the most challenging!

That’s because, along with the big puppy eyes and puppy breath, comes chewing, peeing, biting and other normal, but not-so-adorable, puppy behaviors. In addition to redirecting these behaviors in a positive way, it’s also the best time to teach basic skills and manners since that little puppy brain is soaking everything up like a sponge! Most important, however, is taking the time to properly socialize your puppy to other people, places, animals, sounds and objects. Missing this short, critical window in a puppy’s development can result in fearfulness, reactivity or aggression, sound sensitivity and nervousness around people or new situations. If you want a well-adjusted and well-behaved adult dog, socialization in puppyhood is the key.

Needless to say, that’s a lot of work and a lot of time that you may not have. But there is a solution.


Let us train your puppy for you!

With our Puppy Board & Train program, you can relax and leave the hard part to us. Unlike many other board and train programs, which provide an hour of training each day, we spend two to three hours working one-on-one with your pup.

That means that in just 2 – 4 short weeks, your puppy will gain many of the skills, manners and crucial socialization that are the building blocks to a truly great dog! Plus, this shorter time frame saves you money over longer programs and ongoing training classes.

Puppy Board & Train includes:

  • A 14-28 day stay in the comfort and safety of Susan’s home.
  • A personalized training plan tailored to your puppy’s needs.
  • A total of 2-3 hours of one-on-one training and socialization sessions each day using only positive, science-based techniques.
  • Positive socialization with other people, dogs and environments.
  • Daily text messages and videos of your puppy to show you what she’s learned.
  • Daily supervised play with other dogs.
  • Lots of love, attention and belly rubs.

Your puppy will learn important skills like:

  • Housetraining
  • Soft mouth training
  • Handling and socialization
  • Alone-time training
  • Basic manners including sit, down, stay, come when called, leave it and drop it, door manner, and polite greeting

At the end of the program, Susan will come to your home and spend an hour showing you everything your puppy has learned and how to continue the training. She’ll then leave you with a happy, healthy, well-behaved best friend!

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Puppy Board & Train Fees

Initial Consultation (2 hours): $250

Basic Board & Train (14 days): Staring at $3,250

Prefer to have your puppy home at night?

Check out our Puppy Nanny program.

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